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Storage Types

Costs can grow substantially when you go from Terabytes to Petabytes worth of data. Backup ChopChop has 3 storage types in order to help businesses find the most affordable solution.

        Hot Storage

Access your critical data on demand. Backup ChopChop intelligently stores all reduced size items on Hot Storage for faster recovery. Our technology is integrated with the secure and reliable Amazon S3.

         Cold Storage

Inexpensive Cloud storage, based on Amazon Glacier, which is suitable to store large amounts of data that is rarely accessed.

         Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze is perfect for businesses and individuals who need to store large amounts of data but don’t feel pressured to instantly access data when it’s required. Deep Freeze utilizes “Cold Storage” technology, meaning that users will be able to access data within hours* of requesting it (but not immediately). This makes it perfectly situated for organizations and people who want to keep data for archival or long-term purposes.

It is available for businesses from one terabyte, all the way up to 200+. These plans offer unlimited users, servers, and external drives, as well as file versioning and backup.

What are the differences between Hot Storage and Cold Storage in Backup ChopChop?
Hot Storage
Cold Storage

Deep freeze vs Cold Storage

Deep Freeze and traditional Cold Storage utilize the same basic concept: storing large amounts of storage that users don’t need to frequently and immediately access. Instead, these technologies store data for longer-term purposes, and in return offer much cheaper prices.

Cold Storage technologies will often take a few hours for requested files to be accessible. Deep Freeze storage will take 5-10 hours, but offers much cheaper prices in return. Both technologies are perfectly adapted to the convenience of users who need to store rarely-accessed data.

Who should use Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze archival storage is an invaluable asset for those who need to store large amounts of data at the lowest possible prices. It’s appropriate for users who have small or large amounts of infrequently accessed data that they can afford to wait five to ten hours before accessing.

Some perfect example uses are:

  1. Businesses that are legally required to store data for compliance purposes.

  2. Organizations storing data for archival reasons.

  3. Storing files long-term that you intend to use as primarily back-up.


It offers top military-grade security, unlimited users, servers, and external drives, file versioning. Deep Freeze is available for users seeking to store data anywhere from 1 TB to 200+.

Storage Types
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