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Protect your files with Backup ChopChop's easy, continuous backup



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Finding your data should be stress-free. A standout feature of Backup ChopChop is that it automatically sorts your files for you. Upload any file and the technology will organize all of your documents, financial spreadsheets, PDFs, and presentations making them more accessible.
Search By Content

Forget filenames, you can now search by words and phrases. Our technology has been designed to understand sentence structures and language variations. This means that from any computer or mobile device, you can search any word and Backup ChopChop cloud portal will display the relevant results like a search engine.

View Search Results

Backup ChopChop will extract the paragraph that the search phrase is located, so you can verify which file you wish to access.

Filter Results

Pinpoint your data by filtering with file size, document owner, file type, date modified, and created.

Transparent Auditing

Backup ChopChop offers straight-forward file access control to users or groups to ensure your sensitive documents are only accessed by the intended personnel. You have the freedom to restrict or allow access to specific data. Our platform logs all backups, restores, searches, views, deletes by timestamp and by user.

File Retention & Version Control

Maximise your storage space and set the number of versions and days you wish to keep any file. With our version history, you can clearly see a history of every file stored to undo mistakes. If you have mistakenly deleted a file off your computer, restore it instantly as deleted files are saved on the cloud. Once any data is no longer needed on the servers, you can set a data destruction policy.

Content Search
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